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I Can Steal Your Crypto

10 secret methods scammers use to empty your Digital Wallet

Cryptocurrency Security is more important now than Ever!

According to the FTC (Federal Trade Comission) From January 2021 to March 2022 more than 46,000 have reported losing more than $1 Billion in crypto to Scams.

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I can Steal your Crypto

About the Author

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The author of this book, A.Nonymous, is sincerely motivated to protect you from the thieves and scammers out there in the crypto world.

His real name is not important – but protecting you and your assets are. With over 20 years’ experience in the field of forensic accounting and auditing, the author has seen too many lives ruined from the devastating effects of fraud and embezzlement.

This material is meant to make you aware of the lurking dangers while engaging in crypton currency trading.

I have heard this saying, “Trust but Verify” however, my belief system, based on my experience is “Don’t trust anyone, and verify twice!”


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